Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Sinus Lift Surgery : Lifts The Beauty Of Your Smile And Soul

A big smile will brighten up your face,lighten your mood and also helps you overcome many obstacles with confidence.You can use your smile to change the world as it is the universal language of kindness and is the best gift you could ever give someone. But, what is that holding you back? Is it the teeth that you lost or the hurdles that deny the chances of fixed teeth on implants?

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Sinus Lift surgery, also known as sinus augmentation is conducted in order to raise or lift the sinus floor so as to provide space for the bone grafting material where in the implants are placed after a specific period of time, this is required In cases where the upper jaw bone in the molar area has been lost as in periodontal diseases or in cases where there is long standing tooth loss,and the teeth have not been replaced,in such conditions in the absence of teeth the sinus tends to move down, there by leading to bone loss in that area and patients are denied fixed teeth as implantation Is not possible due to the insufficient bone quantity and quality. In the sinus lift surgery, bone grafting material is added between the upper back jaw and maxillary sinuses, found on either side of the nose. As the name indicates, the surgery works by lifting or moving upward, the sinus membrane thereby providing space for packing the grafting material.

LBR Dental and Implant center holds the key to most of the dental problems that you face and Sinus Lift surgery is one of the major services that we provide.

sinus lift surgery in india

Procedure: An incision is given the First molar area after administering local anaesthesia,the sinus is raised along with its membrane and bone grafting material is filled in the void created after lifting the sinus and is sutured back,left for around 6 to 9 months until complete healing is done but we do this procedure only when two piece implants are placed as while placing Single piece implants we make use of pterygoid bone as it is more calcified and present in everybody or the zygoma bone, in very severe cases of bone loss as,these are immediate loading implants.

Being the best dental service center in Hyderabad, we believe in providing the treatments in the best interest of the patient at reasonable prices. We, at LBR Dental and implant center, with its core team of well-experienced doctors provide you with the best care as We aim your happiness. The best sinus lift surgery in India is provided by us.

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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Full Mouth Dental Implants For Best Results In Hyderabad

Sometimes you need false teeth to fill the gap left by a missing tooth, and sometimes we also need an entire set of false teeth to replace the broken natural teeth. It also happens due to medical conditions that create the need for full mouth reconstruction, and sometimes people are not happy the way they look and they choose to have this work performed on their teeth.

full mouth dental implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction which is one of the latest procedure performed in which the whole mouth reconstruction is done. A dental implant is a type of replacement of the original tooth by the false tooth. By using this technique you can replace one missing teeth and also you can replace several missing teeth, or you can have entire full mouth dental implants done for your mouth.

Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

•    When you have dental implants done for your teeth you are free to eat whatever you want to and drink as you please but with traditional dentures, you cannot eat food like caramel as your teeth can be pulled out.  The implanted teeth are secured on a titanium rod and id fused to the jawbone so your teeth will not get pulled out easily.

•    Traditional dentures can develop a horrible smell. as the dentures need to be removed and soaked and cleaned to keep the smell away and to maintain it. whereas the implants can be cleaned like natural teeth with tooth and toothpaste.

•    Very few people can look at someone having the implants done and can tell the difference that they are not original teeth. As the implant specialist can make the teeth same size and same color like the original teeth in the mouth. so the person has the feeling of a natural tooth.

LBR Dental & Implant Center in Hyderabad offers you effective and affordable Full Mouth Dental Implants which is natural looking and strong. Best Dental Implant Clinic in India have a sole purpose to substantiate complete patient care and satisfaction.

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